Tue, May 21, 2019
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About Us Why Our Patients Choose Us!

Why We Are Unlike Any Other Clinic!

Comprehensive Care

  • Dedicated and Helpful Staff – Serving you every step of the way!
  • Building Close Relationships with Collaborating Healthcare Professionals, including:

o Surgeons

o Physical Therapists

o Primary Care Physicians

o Rehabilitation Doctors and Specialists

DALC oversees our patient’s care in a comprehensive fashion, before and after surgery. Our prosthetists and staff are dedicated to enduring this journey with you every step of the way! DALC works closely with other healthcare professionals so that we can achieve superior outcomes. Comprehensive care benefits include coordination and attendance at surgeon appointments, referring each amputee to a physiatrist that is best suited for their needs and location, and lastly collaborating with physical therapists to facilitate the best prosthetic rehabilitation care possible!

Better Fit Using 3D Printing

  • Utilizing 3D Printing on 100% of our Patients
  • Light-Weight, Custom Device
  • Better Fit
  • Maximum Comfort
  • Faster Process Quickest Road to Rehabilitation

DALC uses cutting edge, 3D printing technology to deliver a unique, custom, light-weight prosthesis to our patients! We pair the power of 3D printing and Elevated Vacuum Locking System (EVLS) to achieve the most comfortable, secure, and safest prosthesis for our patients. 3D printed socket fabrication is also exponentially faster, offering our patients with the quickest road to rehabilitation!

Mobile Unit

  • Transportation Issues? – We’ll come to you!
  • Saving you Time and Money
  • Faster Process Quickest Road to Rehabilitation

DALC is the only prosthetic clinic specializing in in-home amputee and prosthetic care! Our Mobile Unit is a fully-equipped prosthetic workshop! The Mobile Unit allows DALC to make deliveries and perform fittings and adjustments at patients' homes and/or other external locations. This has shown a significant impact on the way we treat our patients due to the current transportation crisis we are seeing in the healthcare industry. For amputees specifically, it is extremely difficult for many patients to receive the care they need and deserve especially if the patient is limited in mobility or bound to a wheelchair. Getting to and from appointments can be tough, this is just one more thing we can take off our patient’s hands.

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“This is only my 2nd appointment with Dayton Artificial Limb, but I am really pleased with the people here and how they are working with me. I’m sure this will remain the same as long as I’m going here.” – Donna Trick

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