Tue, Apr 23, 2019
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Patient Care Comprehensive Patient Care

Comprehensive Patient CareDayton Artificial Limb has been taking care of patients since 1996, and we learned very quickly that the vast majority of our patients need much more than just prosthetic fittings.  While it might be easy for many industry professionals to take their knowledge and experience for granted, we realize that this is a new experience for each of our patients.  And when combined with the trauma of limb loss, the complications of the underlying causes, and the challenges of adapting to prosthetic mobility, the entire situation can be overwhelming.  For this reason, we believe that the only way to truly care for our patients is through a comprehensive approach.

So for us, "comprehensive" means everything associated with limb loss.  This includes:

  • Education & preparation (to ease patient concerns and encourage proper wear & care)
  • Customized fittings (our relationship with Prosthetic Design Inc. gives us unique access to engineers and designers)
  • On-going adjustments (we even have a mobile lab that enables us to perform fittings & adjustments off-site)
  • Integrated physical therapy (which ensures that rehabilitation is being done correctly)
  • Billing consultations (we help patients enroll in Medicare and/or seek funding through the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation)
  • Accompanying our patients on their appointments with physicians (to mitigate the possibility of miscommunication or misunderstanding)
  • Reporting detailed progress assessments to the physicians (so that the physician can make the best decisions)
  • General case management to address any and all potential issues

While this approach involves more effort and requires additional resources, it pays big dividends in the form of healthier patients, smoother billing processing, and happier physician partners.