Tue, Apr 23, 2019
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Patient Care Education & Preparation

Amputee and Prosthetic Education and PreparationLosing a limb is a big deal.  Beyond just the trauma of the experience, for many patients, the road to full recovery can be complicated and hard to navigate.  But this is much easier to manage with the proper preparation and education.  And nobody does a better job of preparing and educating patients than Dayton Artificial Limb!

Our process starts with a physician-referred pre-amputation consultation by one of our licensed prosthetists.  This allows us to demonstrate various prosthetic devices and to explain the entire process - from surgery to healing and from prosthetic fittings through rehab and physical therapy.

Our process continues after the surgery with on-going education.  All of our practitioners spend more time with patients, and our physical therapists are amputee-specific, allowing us to more effectively share information and experience that contributes to positive patient outcomes.

Earning and maintaining our certification requires only the highest standards of service, so we carefully instruct our patients about proper hygiene.  And we provide every patient with a complete information packet and detailed instructions covering every aspect of prosthetic wear and care.  We also provide additional resources and educational information and encourage our patents to pursue their own path to self-education.  We can even direct patients to peer counselors and support groups who can share their own insight into life after amputation and demonstrate real-world positive experiences.