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Case Report - 2800: Tracking Functional Development
II. Case Presentation
III. Discussion
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III. Discussion

The subject was able to achieve mobility much sooner than other patients who displayed the same type of hip flexion contracture.    The widely-used physical therapy interventions for hip flexion contracture were utilized with this patient: backlying with neutral hip extension, lying prone with six inch diameter rolled towel placed under the patient at mid-femur, and stretching in the form of forward pelvis rotation while in approximate midstance.  After low-load continuous stretching, more aggressive contract-relax exercises were employed to lengthen the hip flexor.  These exercises reduced the angle of the hip by 5° after the first session.  Use of sagittal isometric contract-relax treatment of a contracted muscle with an amputee was not found in the literature review.  Traditionally, the flexion contracture can only be addressed therapeutically, but the recent development of the Flexcon offset plate allows the prosthetist to immediately reduce the negative effects of flexion contracture on gait, so the patient can begin gait training with the prosthesis much sooner.  Therapeutic interventions continue, and as seen with this patient, the Flexcon plate is removed when the patient has improved range of motion at the hip.

IV. Consent

Written informed consent was obtained from the patient for publication of this case report and accompanying images.  A copy of the written consent is available for review by the Editor-in-Chief of this journal.

IV. References

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Appendix I.  Details of Patient’s Prosthetic Components



Part #


Vacuum Chamber Socket Design

Prosthetic Design, Inc.



EVLS Locking Kit

Prosthetic Design, Inc.



Custom Seal-Mate Liner

Prosthetic Design, Inc.



Vacuum Manifold with Release Valve

Prosthetic Design, Inc.



Aura Locking Sheath

Evolution Industries, Inc.



Manual Locking Knee

Otto Bock



Rotating Receiver

Otto Bock



30mm Pylon

Prosthetic Design, Inc.



15° Flexcon

Prosthetic Design, Inc.



Offset Plate

Prosthetic Design, Inc.



Multiflex Foot Size 26cm




Appendix II. Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale by M.P Lawton and E.M. Brody (attached below)

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