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Resources Patient Education Instructions for the Elevated Vacuum Locking System ("EVLS" or "Vacuum") Prosthesis, Electrical


1) Lubricate your limb with a dime sized portion of Sensi-Care® lotion or Monistat® Chafing Relief Powder-Gel™ – this is to reduce friction between the liner and your skin.

Lubricate your limb with a dime sized portion of Sensi-Care® lotion or  Monistat® Chafing Relief Powder-Gel™ – this is to reduce friction between the liner and your skin.


2) Roll on the silicone liner (with the locking pin) by first turning the liner inside out, as your prosthetist has shown you.  Make sure to get rid of any wrinkles in the liner and be sure the silicone nub (shown by the red arrow below) is on the top.

Silicone liner


3) Pull on the sheath, the thin nylon stocking with the hole in the bottom, which fits over the pin.  Make sure sheath is not caught on the pin.



4) Put on any socks that your prosthetist has recommended and make sure these also are not caught on the pin.

5) Put your limb into the socket and step down into the socket, until it locks and cannot be pulled off.  If you have trouble hearing the “click” of the pin in the lock, you need to test this by hand.

limb into socket


6) Fold the thin nylon sheath down over the top edge of the socket.  This helps protect the gray suspension/sealing sleeve from early excessive wear.

folded nylon sheath


7) Roll the gray suspension/sealing sleeve up over the socket, sheath, and liner to the top of the liner and/or your skin. Make sure to get rid of any wrinkles in the sleeve.

suspension sleeve


8) To activate the electric vacuum pump press the center button of the remote “fob” and allow it to pull up to the amount of vacuum your prosthetist has instructed, OR press the button on the pump itself once. If you hear 4 “buzzes”, the pump was in “standby” mode – wait a second, then press once again.  After the pump stops running, the gray suspension sleeve should be pulled in tight to the socket and liner, so the edge of the socket stands out.  At this point, you have good suspension of your

9) You may experience a slight loss of vacuum (“bleeding off”) after sitting.  If you have an electric pump, this will turn on automatically to bring the vacuum up to where it should be.  If this is a continual problem, inform your prosthetist.


1) To remove your prosthesis, press the button on the side of the pump twice, then wait until you hear 2 “buzzes”.  You can then fold down the suspension sleeve, unlock the pin by pushing the lock button, and remove your limb from the socket.

lock button


2) You will need to plug this prosthesis in each night, as you would a cell phone. Remove the receptacle cover on the pump and push in the plug of the charger, lining up the green line and white dot.  Plug in the charger and allow to charge overnight.




LINER: This should be washed as soon as you take it off at night to remove perspiration before it dries.  You can wash it in a sink full of soapy water or use a wet and soapy washcloth with the soap you use to clean your dishes – RINSE WELL and allow to dry overnight.

SHEATH: Machine wash warm, delicate cycle, mild detergent, no bleach – tumble dry low.



This will vary for each individual and depends on factors such as your skin condition and level of healing, whether or not you are diabetic, your activity level, and other information you provide to your prosthetist.  Our goal is to get you to a full day of wear as quickly and safely as possible.  Initially, you will wear your prosthesis for shorter periods of time and remove the leg, liner, and sock/sheath after each period to check your stump for areas of redness, blistering, or breakdown (open spots). If you notice there are areas of breakdown, contact your physician immediately for skin care instructions. Also, inform your prosthetist immediately when blisters or breakdown occur.


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